Hamza Jilani
Feb 01, 2016

Back in the seventies, when friends were actually people you knew, tweets were just bird sound and “#” was just a symbol for a number. Businesses and brands only interacted with people when a transaction takes place, and that was it. But, now brands cannot disconnect from customers if they want to succeed and sell. However, brands have to do more than a facebook page and promotional adverts.

Humans like to interact with people who share the same problems, understand their frustrations. That’s why we need to start personalizing brands in the most significant way that adapts with the business goals and culture. Brand personality isn’t just a motto or a logo, it’s how the brand communicates and act. With the development of technology and the predictions of user’s behaviour you can add humanistic touches in the customer experience, to do that you have to carefully narrate your business story.

Eliminate Assumptions

We start with this phase, in which we research and understand the potential customers. We like to ask ourselves questions like who are we targeting to learn more about their demographics, psychographics their needs and goals. Because the personality of a brand targeting a group of teenagers is different from a brand that is targeting moms or housewives.

Eliminate assumptions

You And Your Brand Are Two Different Things

Many of our clients come to us with the idea that their business personality is a reflection of their personalities in real life. That’s why we always. ALWAYS. recommend them to separate their lives from the brand Which leads to a rich, helpful brand for the targeted audience and brands naturally can shift their identities away from the founders perspectives.

Develop A Path

To know your strategy you have to alter your brand from abstract to a real person! Now, that we know facts about the audience, their goals and frustrations we need to fill the gap between your business and their lives. Start describing your brands with adjectives, E.g: Pepsi, Young, lively, rich, cool, outgoing, fun and such.

Develop A Path

The What And How

What does your brand do, what are your services and how would your brand talk when advertising the service? These are the most important elements of the brand strategy it can be formal or humorous, intimidating or caring based on the service or products. Look at H&M the brand is simple, young and caring the products stay the same.

All your communication now is built on a real personality, that will reflect on the communication and all output for the brand. To know more about your brand direction and get a full guideline, contact us.

The What And How