Hamza Jilani
Apr 10, 2018


One of the hidden treasures lately uncovered in the e-commerce industry is UX Design Technology, and how it’s directly linked to the successful outcome of any E-commerce website.

That’s why we are seeing thousands of E-commerce companies, heavily investing and applying UX Design technology in their day-to-day practice; because it helps their websites generate more traffic, and ultimately increase their overall conversion rates.

Nowadays; it seems not enough to take your business online, without being fully informed of the E-commerce industry’s inner workings and hidden ropes; especially with other major players in the back scene, such as E-commerce website: Amazon.com & Alibaba.com.

Learning about UX Design technology is crucial when it comes to running an e-commerce business; as it’s effectively proven to increase your E-commerce websites conversion rates; because it implements advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies and Techniques, to help your website:

  • Achieve higher rankings in search engine results.
  • Generate more
  • Maintain positive Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Here are a few of the Best (UX Design Practices) to help e-commerce companies achieve higher conversion rates:

  • It’s all about Speed!

Even though UX design cares about the visual aspect and aesthetics of the website as much as the performance; we see most successful websites like Alibaba.com and Souq.com leaning more towards utilizing the functional elements of UX design over the design elements, to ensure their website performance and speed is up to par. A study conducted by Amazon discovered that a 1 second delay in page loading would cost them 1.6 Billion dollars in a year.

  • It’s also about Navigation!

Now we got our website up and running and we’re happy with the speed, but it’s no use if the customer can’t easily find what they’re looking for, most customers are impatient, the average user will leave your website if they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for, therefore, it’s important to create a navigational menu that will easily guide the customers to other important attractions and offerings on your website to help with up-selling, live bots or live chat boxes might be helpful to make the customer feel more at home.

  • The one page checkout!

A one page checkout can be great for your online store, but can also be a double edged sword if not organized properly and has information overload. An organized checkout page is generally faster, but the customers also like to have the option of double-checking orders, it’s important that you find a medium where you have a seamless enjoyable checkout process but the customers can trust at the same time.

  • Are you following the latest UX Design trends?

Follow up on the latest UX Design tools & Trends available on the market, such as: Moqups.com & Wireframe to help personalize the digital experience for your customers.

Can you imagine not so long ago, we were selling goods and services on the back of our horse wheeled wagons; now technologies such as UX Design might actually allow us to touch our favorite products through our Tablets! Or teleport into a virtual Online Store someday! That’s how I like to envision the future of UX design in the e-commerce industry. A hassle free next generation shopping experience!


It’s really about your customers. Startups and entrepreneurs need to take advantage of this rapidly evolving UX-Design Technology, and exert all efforts in understanding their consumer’s behaviors online, and fine-tune their products in accordance with their customer’s needs, by viewing their websites from the User’s Lens, and conceptualizing their Unique Image Online, at every stage of their e-commerce business life cycle.